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The Most Important Concept for Performance Training

Once you have a clear goal set and have determined a strategy for programming, the most important concept to apply is incremental progressive forced adaptation. This simply means that whatever you are doing must be slightly more challenging than what you have completed prior and must be measurable to ensure forced adaptation and documented to dictate instruction for the next session.

We find too many people get confused between training and exercise. Training is the process of strategic efforts that follow programming toward a specific goal involving replicating movements with slight incremental adjustments over time to purposefully force adaptation. Exercise, while it may sometimes feel challenging and it may be, is only movement or activity in an unstructured manner. Keep in mind, "working hard" does not necessarily compute to improvement. The intention of your program should always be to become perpetually and measurably better.

I recently got off a call with a client that has not hit her target performance indicators in three weeks and was extremely frustrated since her diet, desire, and work ethic have been adequate for improvement. Yet, once we dug deeper we found that she was involved in a project at work that has interrupted her normal schedule and therefore "combining training days" to make sure she got it in. The rest periods have been rushed and the focus has been on finishing and not improving. As a result, the training became exercising, felt hard as hell and left her with no progress.

If your life gets in the way, and it will, break up your training in smaller prioritized blocks with less, not more. This allows you to concentrate efforts to continuing measurable improvement even if some lower priority movements have to drop off the radar for a short period of time.

What's Next?

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by Tom Freedman, founder & managing principal

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