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How to Choose the Best Security Investments

Updated: May 14

For the most prepared organizations it is almost a guarantee you will find an insatiable appetitive for curiosity among security and risk management leaders. The "standouts" are normally those that go above and beyond their responsibilities not for obligation, but rather for an innate desire toward perpetual improvement. Yet, in a world overwhelmed with information how do you spend your time and money in professional development for the optimal return on investment?

Types of Professional Development:

There are so many types of professional development options, but below are the one's you should consider for the best ROI:

1. Direct How To: Learning how to do anything is accessible in books, audio, blogs, video, and the list goes on and on. But you have to find the sources that are able to give specific instructions on how to perform the steps necessary successfully. Too many "experts" try to please everyone, present generalizations, and therefore fail to help anyone.

2. Direct Mindset: Thought leaders and philosophers are a dime-a-dozen. While mindset and strategy are critical to your success, they must applicable to exactly where you are in the process of progression in your life. Choose professional development options that give you a mental framework tailored for breaking you through the barriers necessary for the next step toward your goal - not generalities!

3. Live Interaction: The best investments are those you can interact with and can ask direct questions pertaining to YOUR specific situation with a constructive discussion with an expert that can offer clear solutions to YOUR specific problems or barriers. This may cost the most, but a good consultant, trainer, or coach can solve problems faster and far more effective than hundreds of books and videos and webinars and more combined.

The main takeaway is to invest in professional development that is very specific to your current needs and offers exacting solutions to get you to the next step. Without qualifying this first it is highly likely you will waste time and money on options that result in little to no return and sometimes even set you on the wrong path.

What's Next?

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by Tom Freedman, PSP security consultant/risk mitigation specialist

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