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marketing, business development, and sales strategies
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Acquiring New Customers Can Be Very Challenging.  

Finding the time and resources to optimize your business while doing seems nearly impossible.

We know how challenging it can be constantly finding new customers.  We also know how hard it is to wear multiple hats for small business owners and leaders tasked with endless responsibilities on top of being a significant contributor to generating revenue.  Sales, especially new customer opportunities, is among the most difficult obstacles any small business will face in order to grow.  For most, a full pipeline allows endless possibilities whereas an empty pipeline brings the end to all possibilities.  Over the years of working with various types of companies, we find that nearly all problems stem from poor pipeline management.  You see, ineffective strategy or execution of marketing, business development, or sales creates desperation which forces organizations to lower their standards and take on any work instead of the right opportunities.  This causes a cascading effect of negative outcomes that bleed deep into the organizational structure and culture.  In essence, most companies that lack strong pipelines get trapped in survival mode and either die or remain unhealthy.  Defiant Enterprises LLC was designed by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs to optimize pipeline management through marketing, business development, and sales strategies that turn introductions into ideal customers for predictable growth.  

We are the partner that can help you not only find a constant flow of new opportunities but also how to effectively manage your pipeline to predictably convert prospects into ideal customers.  Our services start with a deep dive into what is working, what's not, and ultimately establishing a solid understanding of where and who you are today (Point A). Next we set your growth goals in collaboration based on where and who you commit to become at future date (Point B).  Followed by assessing all of the challenges and obstacles we may face while traversing the bridge from Point A to Point B.  We, then, calculate a monthly investment for strategy consulting, outsourced business development, and ongoing coaching and agree on the metrics for the engagement.  Once established, we get to work on clarifying your marketing, building your pipeline, and evolving your sales process to successfully convert prospects into ideal customers so you can experience predictable growth for your business.  Our team works with owners and leaders just like you - Entrepreneurs running small businesses that have great ideas, products, or services ready to grow, but cannot effectively, efficiently, or continuously generate the level of sales needed to meet their goals.  We understand that marketing, business development, and sales can be very challenging, but with Defiant Enterprises LLC assist with strategy, building your pipeline, and optimizing your nurture and conversion processes we solve those problems so you can begin to enjoy predictable growth.  Click the button below so we can guide you through our proven system to begin filling your sales funnel with the right opportunities for perpetual and predictable growth.


How It Works

Step 1 - Let's connect for a quick virtual meeting to determine if we are the right fit.

Step 2 - Establish where and who you are now (Point A) and what that looks like at a future date (Point B) along with all the challenges and obstacles we may face along the way.

Step 3 - Agree on expectations, metrics, and investment for consulting, outsourced business development, and ongoing coaching.

Step 4 - We all get to work building your new predictable business growth model.

The Defiant Commitment

  • Extreme Flexibility - we offer multiple ways to incorporate our services into your vision, budget, and timeline.

  • 90-Day Parachute - cancel any time for any reason within the first 90-days.

  • Guaranteed Results - at the end of twelve (12) months, if we fail to produce the agreed upon metrics we offer a 100% money-back guarantee or continue to work for free until those metrics are met. 


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