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Solving the Growth Paradox with Pipeline Optimization

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Acquiring New Customers Can Be Very Challenging.  

With growth comes more responsibility with limited resources.

We know how challenging it can be constantly finding new customers while keeping the ones you have all while running your company with limited resources. 

"I've got great products [services].  I have and can grow.  Yet, every time I get new clients I am scrambling in an attempt to serve my customers and run my company while hunting for new business." 


Sound familiar?  It likely should and it has a name - The Growth Paradox


For most, growth comes at the cost of exceeding bandwidth when you attempt the unsustainable balancing act of hunting new customers while simultaneously keeping the ones you have as your duties and responsibilities as an owner, leader, and manager continue to spread.  Since this challenge ranks as the #1 issue for professinal services and technology companies, Defiant Enterprises LLC designed The Pipeline Optimization System by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs to get you in front of the right people with the right message, develop and manage an effective and efficient pipeline machine that convert leads into ideal customers at the highest ratios and profitability.  

We are the partner that can help you attract and convert leads into ideal customers in a manageable growth model specifically engineered for optimal scalability.  Our services include education, guidance, and outsourcing for marketing, business development, and sales and all engagements apply The Pipeline Optimization System in a proven methodology sequentially installing Mindset, Attraction, Traction, Conversion, Maximization, and Expansion for the highest levels of success.  Our team works with Owners and Leaders, just like you, dedicated Entrepreneurs running businesses that have great ideas, products, or services ready to push to the next level and looking for the best way to break through the Growth Paradox.  We understand the life of the Incredibly Busy Multi-Hat Wearing Executive and have codified the process simplified into bite-sized, chapter-like implementations that guides you through planning, designing, and executing of the system for optimal growth and scalability.  Click the button below to set up a quick chat to determine if this ideology is worth consideration for you and your initiatives.


How It Works

Step 1 - Let's connect for a quick virtual meeting to determine if Pipeline Optimization is worth considering for you and your company.

Step 2 - Agree on expectations, metrics, and investment for education,  guidance, and outsourcing.

Step 3 - We get to work on following the sequential and methodical steps for guaranteed growth and scalability.

The Defiant Commitment

  • Extreme Flexibility - we offer multiple ways to incorporate our services into your vision, budget, and timeline.

  • 90-Day Parachute - cancel any time for any reason within the first 90-days.

  • Guaranteed Results - at the end of twelve (12) months, if we fail to produce the agreed upon metrics we offer a 100% money-back guarantee or continue to work for free until those metrics are met. 


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