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Distinguishing YOURself
Everything You Need to Find Your Voice, Build Your Audience, and Grow Your Business

Attracting the Clients You Want for the Work You Love and
Finally Getting Paid What You are Worth


Stop Chasing Leads for Work You Don't Want for Pay Less Than You Deserve. 

Growing your Business Through Commoditization is Death of a Million Cuts.

Chasing leads to grow your business WHILE you are running your business is hell.  It is a relentless cycle where nothing is ever enough and the lifestyle is unsustainable.  Uncovering 100 rocks to find 1 lead is exhausting.  Having those leads view you as a commodity is infuriating.  And saying "yes" to clients you don't want or work you don't like for pay less than what you deserve is soul crushing.


Luckily there is solution - we reverse the process.  Instead of you hunting leads or qualifying countless random "inbounds," we build YOU.  We expand on your passion, your purpose, your commitment to your craft and make it accessible to those who need you.  We distinguish you from the rest as you find your VOICE, build your AUDIENCE and GROW your business.  We position you as an authority, a thought leader, in your space with a "following" that wants you, believes in you, and chooses you to solve their problems.  


It will not be easy or quick.  Building an audience, a "following," is hard work, but if you are able to establish yourself as a thought leader in your space, you will experience a whole new world of opportunities coming to YOU.  Becoming an authority in your field attracts business to YOU.  This difference is staggering and will result in steady growth as you get the clients you want doing the work you love and getting paid what you deserve.

Exiting commoditization is not just about finding clients who view you as a partner. It's a transformation of you as a prisoner to you as a free soul.  It is the path to complete creative freedom.


I know because it saved my life and can save yours too.  As a business owner of multiple companies for nearly 25 years, commoditization has attacked my life along with so many other entrepreneurs I know in such devastating ways it is tough to convey.  The darkness sneaks up on you while your desire to succeed screams louder than your voice of reason.  Like me, you may find yourself drunk on the idea of growth at all costs and slip right into the trap, also known as the Maze.  That trap will strip you of time, health, relationships, spirit, and everything else that matters if you are not careful.  Don't fall for the fallacy of work hard, play hard, don't believe in saying yes to everything and everyone, and don't chase dollars and shining objects.  


Instead, work on yourself, commit to your craft, find your voice, build your audience, and grow a business with a life you love and are proud of.  When you do, you will experience a new world of creative freedom and become who you are meant to be.

If you are tired of the grind, done with being a commodity, and ready to distinguish yourself, then this method of pipeline optimization may be worth considering.  Learn how to build your audience instead of your "leads" and operate on an entirely different way to apply marketing, business development, and sales where people choose you.

Click the button below to set up a quick virtual meeting to see if this is your next chapter.

How it Works

How It Works

Step 1 - Let's connect for a quick virtual meeting to determine if this is really what you want.

Step 2 - Agree on expectations, metrics, and investment to get started with your pipeline optimization - marketing, business development and sales.

Step 3 - We get to work on YOU.  Finding your voice, building your audience, and growing your business.

Our Promise

  • Guaranteed. We perform or we work for free until we do.

  • Reversible. Cancel for any reason within the first 90-days. 

  • Flexible. Change your services or monthly investment any time.

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