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Maximizing Sales tHROUGH


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Developing New Business Can Be Very Challenging.  

Especially finding opportunities that value you as a partner and not a commodity.

We know how challenging it can be constantly finding new customers.  We also know how hard it is to wear multiple hats for small business leaders tasked with endless responsibilities from networking and prospecting to sales and closing all the way through operations and fulfillment.  Not to mention the pain associated with attracting and retaining talented business development and sales professionals if you even have them.  Sales, especially from new business opportunities, is among the most difficult challenges for any business and typically never ends nor can ever be fully satisfied.  For most, a full pipeline allows growth and possibilities and an empty pipeline drives fear and missed opportunities.  Over years of starting and growing companies, we find that nearly all problems and failures of small businesses stem from poor pipeline management.  Ineffective sales, business development, and marketing strategy or execution creates desperation and forces organizations to accept work at lower margins, take on less than desirable customers, and agree to engagements outside of their core competency.  In essence, most companies accept being treated like a commodity when their pipeline cannot support the confidence to demand the value of partnership.  Defiant Enterprises was created to fight the war against commoditization by maximizing sales through trusted referral lead generation so you can have a full pipeline of ideal prospects and customers.  We believe that pipelines should be built on referrals and introductions made by the best to the best for the best results.

It is no secret that sales drives business no matter the type or size.  Without sales you have no business and you can't have sales unless you have an incoming stream of viable opportunities.  Furthermore, lead generation can be accomplished in multiple ways, but the most effective way for nearly all small to mid-sized businesses is through referrals and introductions made by folks that have a shared level of trust and competency.  In other words, network influencers that can make introductions to prospects as a trusted source and can vouch for your integrity and capabilities.  The inability to effectively, efficiently, and continuously develop new business ranks among the top reasons for lack of growth as well as business failureGrowth requires the constant development of new business opportunities, strategic partnerships, teaming partnerships and referral partnerships that can only be accomplished by having the resources to meet and engage with people in the business community.  Without dedicated ongoing efforts of business development, pipelines become empty and so do bank accounts.  In the end, lack of new opportunities equates to lack of new sales which results in business failure or worse a long torturous job of "creative survival."  


Can we ease your mind?  The truth is sales and business development can be very challenging, especially if selling is not your core competency.  It can also be very frustrating cold calling, networking, spending hard earned money on different marketing efforts, and paying sales and business development representatives only to find that little to no new qualified leads are generated by these activities.  Yet, this doesn’t mean you give up or settle for mediocrity, and you’re certainly not alone.


You just need the right partner that can deliver a solution to professionally and affordably drive your pipeline development efforts so you can have constant flow of new engagements through referrals and introductions to owners, decision makers, and key influencers that match your Ideal Customer Profile and are open to learning about you and your products and services.  

We are the partner that can help you find a constant flow of new opportunities by applying our strategies and services for pipeline development.  Our services start by working together to set your one, three, and five year goals, define your Ideal Customer Profile and the impact of new customer acquisition to find the exact pipeline needed to reach your goals.  We, then, calculate a monthly cost and agree upon the commitment of both parties for the resources necessary to fulfill those metrics.  Once established, we get to work on building your pipeline and growing your business.  Our team works with companies just like you - businesses that have great ideas, products, or services wanting to grow, but cannot effectively, efficiently, or continuously generate enough new viable business opportunities.  We understand that sales and business development can be very challenging, but with Defiant Enterprises building your pipeline we solve those problems so you can continue to grow.  Schedule a call so we can guide you through our proven process to begin filling your sales funnel with the right opportunities for perpetual growth.


How It Works

Step 1: Align your Business Plan with our Pipeline Development Plan
















Step 2: Build Your Pipeline and Customer Base

The DEFiANT Commitment

  • Extreme Flexibility - we offer multiple ways to incorporate our services into your vision, budget, and timeline.

  • 90-Day Parachute - cancel any time for any reason within the first 90-days.

  • Guaranteed Results - at the end of twelve (12) months, if we fail to produce the agreed upon metrics for pipeline development we offer a full refund on the entire year's investment or continue to work for free until those metrics are met.  ROI guaranteed.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Schedule a Call
Let’s have a guided discussion to determine the best way to fulfill your needs.


Step 2: Onboard Us as a Partner
We can get the promises on paper.


Step 3: Start Developing Your Pipeline
Put us to work maximizing sales.

What We Do for You

At DEFiANT Enterprises we know you are the type of organization ready for growth.  To accomplish this task you need sales and business development efforts to consistently bring in new opportunities that value your offerings.  The problem lies in how to effectively, efficiently, and consistently develop new business on a continuous basis, which can often feel daunting and frustrating.  We believe any business can be developed with the right strategy applied to the right network to generate a pipeline of new viable leads.  Sales and business development are the lifeblood of any organization and we understand how stressful it can be when your pipeline is lacking.  That’s why we dedicated our efforts to a singular focus - to fight the war against commoditization by maximizing sales through trusted referral lead generation so our clients can grow with a pipeline of opportunities by introductions by the best to the best for the best results.  We are the partner that can develop new business so you can grow.  Here’s how it works: step one is to schedule a call so we can determine if we are a good fit, step two is onboarding us as a partner, putting our promises to paper, and step three is to put us to work building your pipeline.  We offer extreme flexibility in our engagements with multiple ways to incorporate our services into your vision, budget, and timeline.  You will have 90-day worry-free freedom to cancel services at any time during the first 90-days if the engagement it not to your satisfaction.  We also guarantee results that if we do not bring in more revenue than what we cost we will refund your entire yearly investment.  Click on the Schedule a Call, so you can start developing new opportunities for your business today.